RingString SET


RingString is the string portrait that you create with your own hands! Upload your photo to the website and assemble your unique art with the help of the voice assistant and its detailed instructions.
A high-quality product, a relaxing assembly process, and a stunning result that will delight you and surprise your guests!

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Pack size: 57.2*52*7 cm
Pack weight: 3 kg
Assembled art size: 50*50 cm
Assembly time: 6 hours

Assembled art size: 50*50 cm
Diameter of your photo in the art: 46 cm

The kit includes:

Wooden base with 240 nails
Cardboard layout of the sectors
Black mono thread
String holder
Phone holder
Detailed instructions with unique code for assembly
Mounting to hang the art on the wall

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 57.2 × 52 × 7 cm